Significant Other

This show was performed April 27th-28th, 2024
The Judee Wales-Watson Theatre

Jordan Berman would love to be in love, but that’s easier said than done. So until he meets Mr. Right, he wards off lonely nights with his trio of close girlfriends. But as singles’ nights turn into bachelorette parties, Jordan discovers that the only thing harder than finding love is supporting the loved ones around you when they do. From the critically acclaimed writer who brought you Bad Jews.

Significant Other” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

Before talking to you about this show I think it is extremely important to acknowledge and affirm that I stand with my peers and friends who were arrested and brutalized at the hands of the Boston Police Department on the morning of April 25th as these students were practicing their right to protest and freedom of speech while advocating for liberation in Palestine and calling for an immediate and permanent cease-fire. This was a horrific and traumatizing event and as we attempt to heal, I’ve learned that we must find strength and comfort in our community. The family that we’ve built in this show has taught me exactly how to do that. I thank you for healing with us and allowing us space to share our art with you while doing so in a way that feels conscientious of the pain and fear that we’ve all experienced to varying degrees during this time. Most importantly, we must also emphasize the very thing that our students were advocating for as the genocide of the Palestinian people remains ongoing.

When it comes to love and dating, we’ve all been there – the butterflies, the awkward first dates, the constant wondering if we’ll ever find “the one.” But for those of us in the LGBTQ+ community, that journey takes some…let’s say, time. That’s where the Significant Other comes in. It’s a story that finally gives an honest, unvarnished look at the hilarious, heart-wrenching, wonderful mess that is navigating the queer dating scene. 

This welcomes everyone to experience what it’s truly like finding love as a queer person. With that being said, I welcome our straight audience members to gain a new understanding of the frustrations and unique challenges queer individuals face in their quest for love, and the differences between queer and straight relationships. I also invite my fellow queer community to look out for those relatable moments where this story speaks to your own journey of finding love.

But the show also emphasizes the everchanging love that comes with friendship. Queer people often rely on their friends as a ‘chosen family’ and as your chosen family changes, it alters your own life in one way or another. Significant Other simultaneously explores the romantic love that queer people seek for in relationships and the familial love felt between friends, and how that changes as we get older. All in all, Significant Other is a story of self-love and self-discovery. 

Significant Other is not only a play about the pursuit of love as a queer person but also a 2015 period piece. Let’s dive back into that time when we all celebrated legends like Alessia Cara, The Chainsmokers, and the iconic mustache trend.

With this insanely talented cast, you’re going to feel it all – the laughs, the frustrations, the 2015 flair, and those beautiful sparks of love. So we invite you into the world of Significant Other, where the gay best friend finally takes the spotlight.

Directed By JJ Moore
Written By Joshua Harmon
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Creative & Production Team

JJ Moore

(they/them) | BFA Acting ‘26. J.J. is thrilled to have directed Significant Other alongside their amazing Assistant Director and bestie Jake Knapp. J.J. is the Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of BlueJay Theater collective. J.J. is recognized for their performances, including roles as a female swing in A Doll House (Emerson Stage), Lodger 2 in “Metamorphosis” (emShakes), Citizen in Hot Dam! (MTAG), and Jamie in Marilyn: The Short Film (Sasha Winett). They would like to thank their mom, dad, and the rest of their family for their endless support and help. Another thanks to the cast, the crew, the production team, and the BlueJay E-Board for all the help and dedication to the project. Specifically a bigger thanks to Susan, Ryan, and Sasha for keeping them sane. Also a big thank you to their friends, their awesome roommates, and Lulu for their love. Also, last but not least, a big thank you to their cats.

Joshua Harmon

Joshua Harmon’s plays include Bad Jews, Significant Other, Admissions, Skintight, and Prayer for the French Republic. He and Sarah Silverman co-wrote the libretto for The Bedwetter based on her memoir. His plays have been produced on Broadway and the West End; off-Broadway at Roundabout Theatre Company, Lincoln Center Theater, Manhattan Theater Club and Atlantic Theater Company; across the country at Geffen Playhouse, Speakeasy, Studio Theatre, Theater Wit, About Face, Actor’s Express, and The Magic, among others; and internationally in a dozen countries. He is a two-time MacDowell fellow and an Associate Artist at Roundabout. Graduate of Juilliard.

Oliver Worner

(he/him) | BFA Stage and Production Management ‘26. Emerson Stage credits: The Impracticality of Modern Day Mastodons (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), 16 Winters and Second Star to the Right (Assistant Production Supervisor), Little Women and How We Got On (Assistant Company Manager), Cabaret (Production Assistant), Paris (Crew); Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s Barry and the Bear (Co-Producer), MTAG’s A Chorus Line (Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor), The 43rd Annual EVVY Awards (Logistics EP Assistant), The 42nd Annual EVVY Awards (Assistant Stage Manager), RareWorks Theater Company (Artistic Assistant); Student Theatre Alliance (Chair). Other credits: Camden International Film Festival XIV-XIX. Enjoy Significant Other! Thanks to Mac and Tippens for all that you do, and for Ethan for being a great co-producer! @oliverworner04

Ethan West

Scenic Designer
Lauren Wiedenmann

(she/her) | BA Business of Creative Enterprises ‘26. Emerson Stage credits: New Play Workshop (Assistant Company Manager). Emerson College credits: Dance Nation (Stage Manager), Seussical (Wickersham Brother), Ride the Cyclone (Constance Blackwood), 13: The Musical (Director), Metamorphosis (Props Lead and Scenic Designer), and Chicago (Billy Flynn). She could not be more grateful to design alongside J.J., Khush, and Amelia. BlueJay forever!!!

Costume Designer
Erin Sullivan

(she/her) | BFA Theatre Education & Performance. Emerson Stage credits: Three Romances… (Emilie), The Secret In The Wings (U/S Actors 1 and 3, Movement Co-Captain). Emerson College credits: MTS’ Dogfight (Costume Designer); Kidding Around’s Snow Angel (Wardrobe Supervisor); RareWorks’ Hookman (Director), How Macy Survived… (Assistant Stage Manager); Mercutio’s True West (Producer); MTAG’s Dream Cabaret (Assistant Director). Thank you for such a fun final show at Emerson, much love to everyone involved and everyone who helped me along the way <3

Lighting Designer
Sawyer Grabow

(they/them) | BFA Theatre ‘26. Emerson Stage credits: The Secret in the Wings (Deck Crew), A Doll’s House (Assistant Director). Emerson College credits: MTAG’s Hot Dam! (Assistant Lighting Designer); emShakes’ Lord of the Flies (Henry), Metamorphosis (Director), BlueJay’s Dog Sees God (Lighting Designer); Mercutio Troupe’s In The Waiting Room (Lighting Designer), Romeo and Juliet (Lighting Designer); MTS’ Chicago (Lighting Designer); emShakes Executive Board (Assistant Artistic Director). One thing about me, I love J.J. Moore <3 Thank you to the cast and crew for being AWESOME! And for the very last time this year, thank you to suite 701 for all the love and support. @ggrabss

Sound Designer
Maddie Wright

(they/them) | BFA Theatre Education ‘26. Emerson Stage credits: Bat Boy (Asst. Director). 
Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s Seussical TYA (2nd ASM); MTAG’s The Wild Party (SM), Fun Home (Co Props Lead), Company Manager; MTS’s Ride the Cyclone (Sound Design), Chicago (Sound Design); BlueJay’s Dog Sees God (Sound Design); Mercutio Troupe’s Trail to Oregon (Co-Director), Romeo and Juliet (SM); EmShakes’ Metamorphosis (Sound Design), Hamlet (Sound Design).

Co-Props Lead
Bella Sangin

(she/her) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘26. Emerson credits: RareWorks Theatre Company’s Gold (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), Emerson Comedy Workshop (Head Writer). Special thanks to the best co-props lead ever in the world, love you, Clem!

Co-Props Lead
Clementine Vonnegut

(she/her) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘26. Clementine is SO 😉 excited to be working on this show with such an awesome team! Emerson College credits: Kidding Around’s Snow Angel (Universal Swing), MTS’ The Secret Garden (Ensemble). Thank you to J.J. for always encouraging our crazy ideas and to Bella for saving me a seat at every meeting (and I guess also for props stuff). Enjoy the show! @clem_j_v

Intimacy Coordinator
Shell Garcia

(any pronouns) | BFA Theatre Education & Performance ‘25. Emerson Stage credits: As You Like It (Assistant Director), Are You Someone To Somebody? (Cast) Little Women (Meg March); 
Emerson College credits: RareWorks’ To The End Of The World (Director); MTAG’s Hot Dam! (Director); Mercutio’s True West (AD/Costumes), Our Dear Dead Drug Lord (Squeeze), In The Waiting Room (Director). Thank you to J.J. and BlueJay for being such wonderful collaborators and thank you to the entire cast and production team for their hard work and warm energy.

Hair & Makeup Designer
Lulu Royce

(she/her) | BFA Acting ‘26. Lulu is beyond excited to be dolling up these beauties for Significant Other. Emerson College credits: A Doll’s House (Anne-Marie & U/S Nora) Hot Dam! (Brody the Boyscout Kaplan), EFA Cabaret, and The Summer I Turned Pretty Workshop (Mrs. Evans). She directed Fun Home (MTAG) and Dog Sees God through BlueJay Theater Collective, a theater organization for which she is the Co-Artistic Director. She is beyond proud of and inspired by her best friend J.J. Moore and their directing debut at Emerson College! 

Front of House Designer
Jillian Hetherman

(she/her) | IDS Writing Musical Theatre & Film ‘24. Emerson Stage credits: NFSW The Rock (Playwright). Emerson College credits: The Ball Game Musical Workshop (Writer & Director); RareWorks Theatre Company’s Feeding the Moonfish (Producer, Asst. Scenic Designer), Stains (Dramaturg); BlueWorks’ Escape (Costume Designer); MTS’ The Summer I Turned Pretty (Author), Ride The Cyclone (Costume Designer), Tavern Song (Stage Manager). Film credits: EIV’s FLIMFLAM S2E1 “Love Hurts” (Director). Congratulations to the cast & crew on a wonderful production! To Oliver and J.J.: thanks for letting me live out my wedding planner dreams <3 @jillianhetherman

Jamie Nickerson

(she/her) | BFA Stage & Production Management ‘24. Emerson Stage credits: 16 Winters (Production Supervisor), Bonnets… (Stage Manager), Mary, Sweet Mary (Assistant Production Supervisor), Are You Someone to Somebody? A New Devised Piece (1st Assistant Stage Manager), Baltimore (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), and Spring Awakening (Production Assistant). Emerson College credits: EVVY42 (Assistant Stage Manager); emShakes’ Lord of the Flies (Stage Manager), Antigone (Dramaturg); Mercutio Troupe’s Our Dear Dead Drug Lord (Dramaturg) and All Night: At a Party In the Suburbs (Assistant Stage Manager). Other credits: Punctuate4’s Rite of Passage (Stage Manager, Co-Sound Designer). Thank you to the team for making this an epic final show!

Stage Manager
Susan Weinhardt

(she/her) | Select Emerson Stage credits: 16 Winters (Associate Production Supervisor), Bat Boy: The Musical! (1st Assistant Stage Manager), Are You Someone to Somebody (2nd Assistant Stage Manager). Select Emerson College credits: RareWorks Theatre Company’s Hookman (Producer), sub (Assistant Stage Manager), Escape (Dramaturg); EVVY43, EVVY42 & EVVY41 (Assistant Stage Manager). Select outside theatre credits: Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre: Hello Dolly! (Assistant Stage Manager). All thanks and love to: the giving company, production team, and boards of Significant Other, especially JJ, Jake, Oliver, Ryan and Sasha; Jo Ann, Dad and Thomas; Halle and Ethan; all of my partners in love and life; and mom <3. @susanjweinhardt

Acting Company

Jordan Berman
Landon Butler

(he/him) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘25. BFA ’25 Emerson Stage credits: 16 Winters (Shep). Emerson College credits: A Party at Anna’s Transparency (Ben Kind), emShakes’ Death of a Salesman (Director). Other credits: Rhythm Wizard BA Film (Wes/Wizard), Third Bird (Bemecio), emShakes Theatre Co (Treasurer) and Mercutio Troupe (Artistic Director). Thanks to my awesome friends, you guys rock. @landonbutlerr

Elena Ruiz

Kwezi Shongwe

(she/her) | BFA Acting ‘24. Emerson Stage credits: Little Women (Assistant Director & Intimacy Coordinator), The Late Wedding (Ensemble). Emerson College credits: Flawless Brown’s I Was Baked For All of WWIII (Bruce); Musical Theatre Society’s EFA Cabaret (Co-Director), Cabaret of Color (Ensemble); emShakes’ The Moors (Agatha), Lord of the Flies (Ralph); Mercutio Troupe’s Dance Nation (Zuzu); Musical Theatre Against the Grain’s Hot Dam! (Old Joe Schmo); Jake Tolentino’s Antony & Cleopatra! (Mark Antony). Outside credits: Apollinaire Theatre Company’s Hamlet (ASM/Ensemble). Thank you J.J. for trusting me to be in your show! This is the most perfect last show that I could have asked for! Thank you friends! Thank you Theatre lovers! It’s been real <3 #3for3withTPaine

Taylor Paine

(she/her) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘24. Emerson Stage credits: NewFest Short Works ’24 (Payphone). Emerson College credits: In the Waiting Room (Elizabeth), Hot Dam! (Chack), Dance Nation (Amina), Fun Home (Choreographer), Ride the Cyclone (Choreographer), and Alice By Heart (Choreographer). Immensely grateful to be a part of a show I love so much for my last Emerson performance. To the whole SO cast and crew, this process has been the biggest joy. To J.J., I love you and I’m so proud of you. To my friends and family, thank you for the constant support and love. Enjoy the show! @taylorpaineee

Tyler Cooper

(he/him) | BA Health & Social Change ‘26. Coming out of retirement!! Happy to be back onstage again after quite the hiatus and changing majors. This has been such an inclusive experience and I’d like to give props to J.J., Jake, and our SMs for being able to make this all come together. Hi Mama and Pop; love y’all <3

Justice Jones

(he/him) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘26. This is Justice’s first role at Emerson College. He is a Taurus.

David Bellin

(he/him) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘27. David is so excited to be performing with the incredible cast of Significant Other. Emerson Stage credits: Chekhov’s Gun (Eli). Snow Angel (Vincent). Pittsburgh CLO Academy credits: Into The Woods (Rapunzel’s Prince, U/S The Baker), The Addams Family (Mal Beineke). Winchester Thurston credits: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Frank N. Furter), The Brain from Planet X (Zubrick), Urinetown (Officer Barrell). Thanks to his friends, family and especially his mentors Carmen Lopresti and Dania Griffith, for all their love and support. If you wanna be David’s friend just ask if you can go to SoulCycle with him. @davidlbellin:)

Feminine Presenting Swing
Riley Sopocy

(she/her) | BFA Theatre & Performance ‘26. DirectorsFest: How to Make Friends and then Kill Them (Ada); Kidding Around’s Almost, Maine (Co-Producer); emShakes Theatre Co. (Assistant Executive Director); Thanks to all my friends for the love and support, and to the lovely cast and crew of this show for making it such a wonderful experience 🙂

Masculine Presenting Swing
Tripp Ishayik

Additional Staff

Assistant Director Jake Knapp
Assistant Stage Managers Ryan O’Connor, Sasha Salins
Interim Assistant Stage Manager Haley DeMello
Interim Stage Manager Mac Medeiros
Assistant Scenic Designer Khushi Upadhya, Amelia Oei
Assistant Costume Designer Lola Viera
Playbill Designer Elizabeth Tippens
Props Artisan Bryce Moore

the production would like to thank

Kristin Knutson
EmShakes Theatre Co.
The Student Theatre Alliance
Student Engagement and Leadership

BlueJay board members

Faculty Advisor Tushar Mathew
Artistic Directors Lulu Royce & JJ Moore
Managing Director/Production Manager Oliver Worner
Marketing Director Angela Keon
Company Manager Mac Medeiros
Literary Manager Aisha Akorede
Treasurer Jake Knapp
Associate/Observing Production Manager Ethan West
Marketing Coordinator Elizabeth Tippens
Assistant Company Manager Lauren Weidenmann
Aesthetic Advisor/Staff Photographer Sasha Winett