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BlueJay is honored to be an organization that provides opportunity to students who are interested in working in all aspects of the arts. No matter if you’re interested in performing onstage, being a part of a creative team, or delving into arts administration, there’s a place for you at BlueJay. Check out our current available opportunities below! Please email with any questions about hiring.

current opportunities

auditions & Student theatre alliance affiliation

BlueJay is a member of the Student Theatre Alliance at Emerson College and as such are subject to their policies regarding auditions. We are committed to equitable casting and will participate in Common Auditions whenever logistically possible. Common Auditions policies are publicly available and can be viewed here. BlueJay will also use STA Equity Contracts whenever possible, and will follow all STA Equity policies and procedures throughout all productions. For questions regarding STA Equity or to report an infraction, please email

equal opportunity employment

While BlueJay does not offer paid employment opportunities, we are committed to following standards equivalent to Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE). We strive to create a diverse group of individuals in every cohort throughout the organization, and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. In addition, we do not discriminate based on GPA, class standing, major/minor affiliation, or anticipated graduation year. BlueJay values depicting real and honest stories, as well as creating an equitable working environment, and are committed to removing bias and barriers that may inhibit that environment.