Mission & Values

Our Mission

BlueJay is a Dramatic Theater-based student organization at Emerson College. Our purpose as a collective and organization is to execute and depict relatable theater in which our young-adult and college-aged audiences can see themselves accurately portrayed onstage. In doing so, we will also work to make audition material accessible for students who are struggling to find text that suits their age group, gender identity, relationship to the content, and/or more, creating a collection of literary materials available for use. We aim to appeal to and uplift the demographic we are working with in creating an inclusive, professional, and familial work environment, as well as creating a space in which actors, designers, managers, and staff feel supported and encouraged to share their ideas. Our goal is to inspire the artistic spirits of young creatives through proper representation and relatability.

Land Acknowledgment

BlueJay Theater Collective resides and takes space on Emerson College, Boston. We acknowledge that Emerson College resides on the unceded lands of the Massachusett people, whose name was appropriated by this Commonwealth. We pay respect to the Massachusett elders past and present. We acknowledge the truth of violence perpetrated in the name of this country and make a commitment to uncovering that truth.

Our Core Values

  • Execute relatable theater. 
  • Create a platform for students to access audition materials that appeal to their demographic. 
  • Provide opportunities for performers to feel personally connected to the characters they portray.
  • Reflect on and depict honest stories that will impact the audience beyond the world of theater.
  • Create an inclusive, accepting, and collaborative work environment. 
  • Encourage growth and learning as a collective. 
  • Inspire joy and excitement for the art we create to influence the communities that surround us. 
  • Aim to foster an equitable and unbiased space for all.