Non-Executive Board Agreement

Below is a sample of the BlueJay Non-Executive Board Agreement which all contractors are required to sign. This is subject to change and the most recent published version of this superseded anything on this page. The below is only a sample and does not include the signature block or any identifying information.

This Non-Executive Board Contract (“Contract”) is entered into as of Date of Creation, by and between BlueJay Theater Collective of Emerson College (“Organization”) and Signer Name (“Individual”).


  1. Nature of Services – Individual will perform the services, as described in Schedule A, for Organization throughout the term of the contract. The services have been commissioned by the Organization, and the Organization will have full access and ownership to all documents related to this position made by the Individual. The Individual will perform these services in a diligent and timely manner as is required by the Organization, as well as in accordance to the schedule set forth in Schedule A, as well as any Riders or additional agreements made within Schedule A. The content, style, form, and methodology of any product of the Individual shall be completely satisfactory to the Organization and shall be made to the Organization’s standards.
  1. Relationship of Parties – Individual enters into this contract as, and will continue to be, an independent contractor. The Individual shall have no say over the governing documents of the Organization and may under no circumstances make decisions about the alteration of the Organization’s operations, aesthetics, content, or otherwise. Under no circumstances shall the Individual look to the Organization as their employer, partner, principal, or agent. 

Purchasing on behalf of the Organization – The Organization shall not require Individual to purchase or spend any of their personal funds on any materials unless a guarantee of a reimbursement is made by the Organizations’ Executive Board prior to the purchase. If there is not an established agreement regarding the purchase, the Organization is not required to reimburse the Individual. Any purchases made for the Organization should be made by the Organization rather than by the Individual.

Organization Open-Door Policy – The Organization commits to having an open-door feedback policy. This allows the Individual to, at any time, come to any member of the Executive Board with complaints or feedback. The Organization’s Board is required to listen and will do everything in their power to be accountable and act based on this feedback. The Executive Board can be reached at

Termination – The Organization, as described in Schedule B, Article 8, does not have the power to single-handedly remove the Individual from their position within the Organization. However, in the event that the Individual does not uphold their responsibilities as described in this Contract, the individual may be removed with guidance from SEAL (Student Engagement and Leadership of Emerson College). If this is necessary, the Organization will follow and comply with all SEAL directive issues regarding this disciplinary process.

Termination by the Individual – The Individual may, at any time, terminate this Contract by giving no less than two weeks’ notice prior to the end of their performance of Services.

Entire Contract – This Contract contains the entire agreement between parties, superseding in all respects any and all prior written or oral agreements or understandings pertaining to the contract of the Individual by the Organization and shall be amended or modified only by written instrument signed by both of the parties hereto.

Severability – The parties hereto agree that in the event any article or part thereof of this Contract is held to be unenforceable or invalid then said article or part shall be struck and all remaining provision shall remain in full force and effect.

Governing Policy – The Organization is a Student Organization registered and affiliated with Student Engagement and Leadership (“SEAL”) at Emerson College. All SEAL policies and directives that conflict with this document, as well as any Emerson College policies that conflict with this document will take precedence and shall be followed over any statements in this Contract. This shall be true from the date of signing in perpetuity.