Producer – BlueJay Fall ’24 Show

Application Deadline: June 21st, 2024

Please note – we are unable to publicly disclose the show we are attempting to perform. You will be informed of this at some point in the interview process. This is in compliance with legal policies regarding the rights application process.

Reports to: Managing Director, Production Manager
Start Date: July 1st, 2024

The Producer of a BlueJay show is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the production from start to finish. Reporting to the Managing Director and the Production Manager, the Producer will be the primary representation from these departments and will handle the direct communication with the various individuals working on the production. The full list of responsibilities as determined in the Producer Student Theatre Alliance Equity Contract is below. Learn more about BlueJay’s involvement with the Student Theatre Alliance here.

Characteristics and Responsibilities

  1. Producers participating in this production shall be members in good standing of organizations belonging to the Student Theatre Alliance. 
  2. Commitments already made to rehearsals and meetings for this production shall take precedence over any other offers. 
  3. The Producer’s agreement with the producing organization gives the organization executive control of the production, and the Producer understands that this may limit or alter their ideas or concepts for the production based upon the organization’s capabilities. 
  4. The Producer is responsible for communicating about needs, issues, conflicts, or questions with the producing organization. 
  5. The Producer shall be present, on time and free from the influence of alcohol or illegal substances at every meeting, rehearsal, and performance for which they are called. 
  6. The Producer shall perform all duties typically assigned to a producer of a theatrical production and those specific to this production, including, but not limited to, budget allotment, collecting biographies and headshots for marketing purposes, creating a show program, building a tech schedule, and more.
  7. The Producer shall be receptive to sensitive and confidential issues brought up by the cast deputy. If the Producer is unable to resolve such issues, they must bring it to the executive board of the producing organization and STA.
  8. The Producer’s commitment includes the strike at the end of the run.

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